Short Film about adulthood, childhood and the transition in between.

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Self-Seeker is a filmmaking project I worked on with Alejandro Gómez and Marc Sala (Borderless Dream). I recorded some of the shots, wrote the original idea and helped developing the script. Furthermore I was responsible for some of the visual effects of the film.

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A man stuck in his ways starts living strange apparitions. This will lead him to find out the answer throughout a complex search where childhood and memory will play key roles. Get ready to become a self seeker!
Self-Seeker draws a distinction between ideas of an adult world with the childhood one. Basically it is a game of contrasts. The story of an adult stuck in his own routine, day by day, in a so mechanical way that he could forget better ways of living. As every person, our protagonist also had a childhood where there was simplicity, adventure and truthful dreams. Through their memories we will dive into a world of innocence, simplicity and creativity.

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  • Winner 2nd position Bournemouth University Student Film Festival (UK)
  • Official Selection Bangalore International Short Film Festival (India)
  • Official Selection Festival Nacional de Cine Estudiantil (Uruguay)
Official Short Film (private, still being submitted to festivals)
Poster of the film
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