We are humans and we inherited all the laws underpinned by nature. I realized nature is aggressively dynamic and it flows every single second, it’s like a rhythmic pattern that creates and destroys. I reference nature because it can be useful to understand the human behaviour, we are part of it, its nothing alien to us.

It’s a good exercise going to the seaside in the late afternoon / evening, find a good spot away from the city lights and sit there, the only light you should be allowed is the moon’s. Stare at the waves and listen to their rhythmic patterns, one after another, never stopping. Water interconnects every single continent, it kind of links the world and ties it up together, it wraps all the living creatures. Water flows through the atmosphere as well, we breathe it, we drink it.

Water is responsible, among other functions, for translating matter. It erodes the rocks and drives its fragments to other places for instance, so this event breaks the static. Water is a constant movement. We are made about 65% of water. That means our behaviour must relate somehow to this natural event, of creating and destroying, or more precisely transforming.

Every second we change, 50 million cells approximately die every second in our bodies, so now you are different respect the time you started reading this! This must be linked to our behaviour as I mentioned, dynamism, creation and destruction. Society tries to makes us believe that we need to look for the stable and thus the routine, fuck that, it’s not our nature, it’s not where we come from.

We are influenced by many factors as water is, one of them is the moon for instance. (Stare at the moon if you are in the seaside now). The moon causes tidal movements, it displaces water masses. In many literature works the moon has had special influence on characters’ behaviour, there seems to be that there is something mystic with it but there is not really: we are made up of water in great proportion so we are dependent to the lunar movements too, so it might change our behaviour! And not just the moon but many other factors, such as temperature, humidity, wind, etc…

“Be water, my friend” —Bruce Lee

So by that I want you to think about our strong relationship to natural events and phenomenon. We are natural, we are organic, and I would recommend you to find scenarios in which you can find natural events in where you can deposit your mind on it for a few minutes and BE PART OF THE FLOW. We are dependent on nature, and sometimes we forget this. If you are struggling with anything this could help you, even if you are the most rational person in the world.

Johnny Green / Volvic “The giant” from Gang Films on Vimeo.

NOTE: I am still in shock because after writing this, I went to my Facebook timeline and my best friend posted me a commercial of Velvet, a mineral still water brand which mentioned the important role of water through the natural history of Planet Earth. It’s like some people is inter-connected as water connects the world! Such a coincidence, OMG. Still cannot believe it. Well this video contains incredibly beautiful imagery of organic actions (favourite style), Icelandic landscapes (favourite place), awesome VFX (my future profession) and Woodkid’s music (favourite artist). Plus it has a sparky hint-like reference to childhood a topic which always concerned me. Worth checking out indeed. WOW… That was weird seriously… Telepathy?

With love, Ramon.

Young Superhero

Picture I took in Iceland.

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  • Alejandro Gómez

    Reacció-repercussió oi? No puc estar més d’acord amb els aspectes que relates. Tot es orgànic tal i com tu dius, és increïble fins a quin punt tot esta interconectat sembla que no hi hagi res a l’atzar es com si tot estigues programat, tot el que ens envolta te una causa més directa o menys sobre nosaltres mateixos. Em mola molt aquest esperit que estas agafant últimament, aquesta naturalitat i espiritualitat que estas assolint, això et porta a coneixent tu mateix a marcar-te limits o a eliminar-los, a buscar objectius i cumplint metas.

    • noivagis

      Merci tiu! Merci, realment aprecio el teu comment partnah! La teva idea de acció – reacció – repercussió és genial, crec que hi té lloc de manera cíclica i simultània potser també. Wah tio hi ha tantes coses que fan pensar. Llavors acció – reacció es podria relacionar amb el karma també. I el karma es pot relacionar amb realitat programada també! Realisme renderitzat en temps real tiu, portem tots NVidia a dins jajaja El karma és realitat programada potser? If (action == GOOD) {return something_good} else {return something_bad}, ezoooo eeeh MATRIIIIXX hahaha, que grande, Déu va estudiar programació doncs jaja.

  • Francesc Casamitjana

    m’ ha encantat aquesta reflexio, dir el que un sent sense imposar es quelcom que s’ha perdut.
    en un mon on un cami nomes es construeix quan ja saps on vols arribar, el eix de la vida que no es mes que el de gaudir d’un cami que no sabem on ens dura queda reduit i a vegades passa inadvertit devant una societat massa accelerada

    • Joder quina imatge visual més poètica tiu. Però si… però sempre ha estat així, potser és la educació que rebem, tampoc en una societat la pots liar massa perquè llavors els individus s’omplen d’emoció i es desfaria el concepte actual de civilització. Imagina’t un món on tothom parés i es fotés a reflexionar sobre temes de la seva vida i a re-adreçar les seves vides… Doncs probablement seria caòtic, tothom rebutjaria les rutines, poca gent voldria una feina d’oficina, llavors qui portaria l’ordre a les grans ciutats? Si tothom somiés seria perillós, ja va bé que alguns somiïn buit, ens habilita els demés a complir els nostres. Recorda que la felicitat pura és individual per naturalesa, la felicitat col·lectiva la suma de les diverses individuals, però per naturalesa la felicitat és individual 😉

  • Water has always inspired thought. It can be used to explain and exemplify most things and is omnipresent as matter and life giver. Taking the shape as drops of tears, age old glacial ice and clouds over distant mountains, it is there for poets, dreamers, visionaries, spirituals, lovers and philosophers. You can freeze your feet in it or you can hang weightless in it. Most thoughts and feelings related to water is already expressed, but every time a new individual discover or wonder about it, it is like as it was the first. Thats what I like about water. It is a renewable source for mind work.

    • Awe-inspiring comment, seriously. Thank you very very much for sharing your vision man. It’s more important than I think it was. Hope people will be aware enough about it.

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