I’m glad you are seeing my stuff! Feel free to look through some of my projects under the Work tab. There’s a blog as well and a contact page, don’t be shy!

Northern Lights

I was lucky to see the Aurora Borealis during my volunteering in Iceland. I wrote about my trip in the blog!

  • Participative Real-Time Graphics

    Cross-media interactive experiment for performance shows. A blend between different techniques and technologies featuring generative animations.

  • Internet Explorer

    Second year student short film.

  • C++ Raytracer

    Writing a raytracer from the ground up.

  • Clouds RND

    Cloud research and look development on Houdini.

  • L-System Plant Generator

    Translating the L-Systems and Turtle concepts to Maya.

  • Self-Seeker

    Short Film about adulthood, childhood and the transition in between.

  • 360 HDRI Maps

    Equirectangular High Dynamic Range Maps

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